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10 Songs for free download - Vol 7: Far away from home 

"Experience the melancholic but also fulfilling mood, being far away from home. 
An endless longing for everything familiar, searching for the peace of mind on a 

trip through unknown worlds. Get in touch with Volume 7 of Skeksls86 tree 
download sampler and feel tree to reach landscapes tar away from home with ten 
unknown groups from ambient, acoustic and post rock underground. More than 
fifty minutes of deep and minimalistic music, created to express the inner feelings, 

when you're finding yourselt " 

All permissions given by the bands & artists. 

Thanks to alt of them! 
Feel free to share this compilation! 

A compilation by Skeksis86. 

— l>veel rnziJECT 


I EK3iD CTf.i 


VoU — In Autumnal Fog (acouslc. black metal): http iv^vw arohrve org cfcta^ 
V0L2 — Between Horizon and He! (ambient bbcK'doom metal): hip_ ; wvm arc h i , o rg dgia i ite; 1 Q So ngVo B 
Vol.3 — Farewell of Might (acoustc. piano): htipj/'wwwarcruig- org details 10 So pgVo[3 

VoL4 — United Gothc Undergiound (gothic rock): hiip ''www archive org cte tails 1 QSonqVoH 
V0L5 — The Joker's Mitfape (rndustral rock): Mp:^'w¥W.arohwB.oiB'tbiajt3-iQSongVQl5 

VoL6 — Aflenhe Sunset (acoustic, folt, ambieni): htir'Aywwareh^^ 
Vol.7 — Far away from home (acoustic posi rock, ambient): htp:// l dejal^ IPSongVof? 

Thanks to Iskharian lor the description text. 

*v;va rny i:cn sKKafian &:h'/*arze n&wg 

Thanks to TheShinyRock for the cover photography 



The Nichols Family Gospel Hour — „Year Of The Funeral" 



The Nichols Fa mil/ Gospel Hour are a band that belongs in no certain genre erf muse. With styles 
cf Acoustc. Metal* Blues. Rock & C basse a f mixed with a depressing. bteafc atmosphere. The band 

purposely strayed away from things that woud label them a certain category genre cf must 

The traefc "Year of The FuneraT was recorded during a perbd where if seemed everyone and 
everything I cared about was passing away within a short 1 month lime. It was left out of the main 
abum and then included on the EP. Polemc which was released a year later 

Cbwnbad the 'The Polemc EP" here: hip: wyjyrf.nothirgngsspictures com polemic zp 

Copy ri g hi: 

C re a live Commons by-nc-nd 3,0 

http c real ivec o mmorrs o rgi' lice nses by * nc - nd'3 .0 ■' 

II. Message To Bears — M Find Our Way Home" 

(Great Britain, www . m yspace co m m^ssoq^iobears) 


Message To Bears s the monger of muhMrtstrurnenlalisI Jerome Alexander. Alexander creates 
beautfulsoundscapes by overlaying acoustic guitar lines, piano percussion samples and strings. 

He has had two limited pressings of his debut EP1 both sellout, and g presently taking orders for 
hs debut abum emitted 'Departures" (including 'Find our way home"), which can be ordered from 
Dead Pibt Records . 

You can listen to the full abum here: 

httpi'/www.lasif m muse 'Message-i>to+ Bears tfepartures 


Copyright by Message to Bears & Dead Pibt Records 2009 

Las Hijas De Ofelia - .Hunter's Heacf 

{II S A i M e i ko www . m yspace .co m pey otec u It ) 


Saxophone pbyer. Xavier Becerra. s a founding member of the experimental avamgarde group 
"Decber when re teased a number of records, most notably: "El poeta del Rubo" (1979) and "Fail 
Lux" The Complete Recordings"! 977-2000. {2000). afeo parttcpated on the "Recommended 
Records Sarrpler"(1982)abngsfcJe The Residents. Robert Wyatt. Art 20 yd and Univers Zero. 
Andrea Hansen have several records as sob artist her first abum AM Radb produced by Lee 
Rotandoof Sonc Youih, later formed Painting Soldiers-have two abums:Mirage.Sfrer Stove .07-08 

Andrea Hansen: Guitar. Vocals, piano 
Xavier Becerra. tenor, sax. other instruments 


©Rbhard Bush recording sludbs ©Phitedefcme USA 
produced by Xavier Becerra 
muse A Hansen /X Becerra 2005 

Emphasis — ..Before Assumption* 

(C roate www rnyspace co memphasfic ro ) 


Emphasis is fout-pece progressrve rock post-metal genre-inspired band from Cekovec, Croatia. 
The demo 'Elements of morrow" (coniaining 'Before Assumption^) was recorded in the end of 2007. 

Down bed 1he demo here titp:''asiluum com site tag emphasis 


Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0 

jrtfejfcfggljvgg ommo lice nses by * nc - nd'2 >Q »' 

David Galas - .The Happiest Days Of My Life Pari 2 

I USA. www, rnyspace com day idgalas ) 


Davrd Gates is one of the former members of the daikwave band *Lycia\ He has been credited with 
working on many Lycra releases including *Lycra-Live\ The Burning Circle And Then Dusl*. 'Bteak- 
VaneVCokf and*£mpty Spaces*. Shortly srffer Lyca broke up in 2000. Davd recorded and 
released his debuted The Cataclysm' in 2006 2007 and will be releasing the followup The 
Happiest Years Of My Lie" in the summer of 2009 

The Happiest Days Of My Lie* one pad of a lour pad song on the new cd. 'The Happiest Oays Of 
My Lie* was recorded in a bedroom studio in Ohio sometime the past December 2008. Guitar sob 
is performed by Jason Farrell who works for Fender Sob was recorded in Arizona, The song 
(evolves around inner personal sef destruction. In contrast wih songs from the previous cd The 
Cataclysm" which locuseed on external destruction* 


All Muse 'Tyres 'recordings in ail forms analog and or digital is copyrighted 2009 DavrdGafasMusc 
BMI. David Gabs gives permesbn to allow the song to be used for an online conpibtbn to be 
eiher streamed andi'ordownbaded in full andor part. Use of song for monetary and or commercial 
puiposes is strictly forbidden without prbr consent of original copyright holder DavrdGafasMusc . 

Spaces - M An Abyss We Miss" 

(USA. www.myspacg com spacescob) 


Spaces b an experimentallnstrumentsl band formed in 2008. comprised of Franco Cobn and Diice 
Aniens: two FbntJa natives currently residing in Brooklyn. NY, The two write and record all songs, 
with the occasional hefo of guest performers 

The bands conceptual songs will be released monthly, collectively telling a story bound together by 
similar sounds and sonb qualities. Artwork inspired by each respective tratfc will also be released 
abng with the songs, created by local artbt and fnend. James Sanford, 

Ctownbad the abum here: htt>:/>^jaces ±>e ndcamp .co mtabunVvo yage 


Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 

VI L Morose — „Rain Dance" 

(Italy, www , myspac e ,co nv morose smo rose ) 


In Italian slang. *Morase* means *girUrend\ In Englsh of French, a melancholic mood. Mush: of 
the Italian Irio s well defined by his name... 

Morose was born in 1998. The first recording consists oJ an untried cassette, rekased by a new 
bom record bbel called Ouzel. 

In Ihe following years ihe band recorded three abums: 

"La Mia Ragazza Mi Ha Lasciato" (Cane Andaluso. 2003), "Pecpte have ceased 1o ask me aboui 
you" (SuHesde. 2005). and 'On The Be* Of Each Day" (Surteside 2006) produced by Fabrizto 
htoctonese Palumbo (Larc?en. XXL). Ktorose has loured Italy. France. UK. and shared the stage with 
THE MICROPHONES. AZURE RAY. ANT. ISO 68. Mi and L*Au. Okkervi Rrver. Sin Ropas 8aby 
Dee. The new abum *La vedova cfun uomo vivo" will be out in April 2009 for Boring Machines. 
Shyrec and Rbess t Italy) and Travelling Muse (France). 
For the very f irsi time ri e sung in Italian. 

The song "Rain dance" b included in the abum "On the back of each da/* (Suhesde. 2006) 

Davide Landini: cbssc guiar. voce 

Valerio Sartori:irurnpet.cbrinet.ebcincgutlar 

PrerGrigb Start i; piano, keyboard, mebdea 


Cop yrighi by Morose 2006 

VIII. Northaunt - „A Silent Battle*' 

(Norway, www. myspace .c o nv no rt hau nt ) 


Northaunt g Ha?rtef Langas. Norwegian artist that has for the bsl decade composed soundscapes 
and arrbent dark ambent music under this name. At the moment of the writing. Northaunt is 
.'.o -king on a fourth abum. comng later on Cycle law records. 

*A sitem batik" was created in 2002. for the second Northaunt abum "Barren fend" re based in 
2004 on Fluttering dragon records. The abum was created in Spitsbergen, and the songs was 
influenced by both the beauty and the very desolate landscapes, and the thoughts a pfaa:e Ike that 


Co pyrig ht: 

Copyright by Northaunt 2002 

IX. Our Ceasing Voice — ..Dazzled Eyes Are Shu!/* 

{Austria hltp iv.yw my^acg.comouj^asaigvQC^ I 


Post-rock is known for itsepc crescendos. distorted, echo-drenched guitar-work and atmosphere, 
instrumental nature. The Austrian post-rodt quartet Our Ceasing Voice, however, seems less 
inclined to continuously destroy the listener s ears* instead focusing on the quieterstie of the fie W 
building drastic, yet l^jht inlroduclbns which fbat Ike an eerie but we to me met around your feet. 
As the songs grow, so loo does the fog. rising higher, thickening and eventually smothering the 
listener in an impending but vastly entertaining haze 

'Dazzled Eyes Are Shut." begins with atimd and hesitant persona that hypnotises and moans for 
the better pari of four minutes yet not once will does it ever become tedious So warm and ethereal 
H s that iis almost impossbk lo escape: when the fetter haf of the song beg us to build, so too 
does the listeners craving for the mandatory crescendo. By the last iwo minutes, there's nolhing to 
focus on but overwhelmingly epic guitars and wildly entertaining instrumental on and it 
demonstrates why post-rock should be your favourtle genre. 

Ctawnbad the full EP 'Steaded Stars In The Morphium Sky 4 (highly recommended!): 

hfip j/www me<miipbad com ?d=FXQ1 3QRX or 

h»p ''/www archie org estate SteadiedStafBlnTher\torphium$hy 

PW: postrockcommunriy bbgspoixom 
Co pyright: 

C r^aiive Commons by-nc-nd 3.0 

hup c real i^co m mo fcenE^s by *nc*nd'3 0 

Sieepmakeswaves — M One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My 

t Australia* www . myspace xom' steep md<egrtaves ) 


$ le>epmakeswaves are an instrumental rock band from Sydney. Australia Drawing iff luences 
mainly from but nol limited to post-roc*, the young quartel mix driving metallc bombast vvrth 
textured e tec Ironies to create a aonc qaace where delcale metadies and thunderous climaxes 
peacef ully co-exist. 

Since their formation in kale 2006. sJeepmskeswaves have rapdry established themselves as a 
promising and unique voce in their ftefcf Wrlhin the space of a year the band hasenpyed 
consfcJerabte word-of-mouth support and have tended auspicbus opening sbts with post-rock 
luminaries such as Pelcan, Laura and Meniscus on the back of their powerful live show and 
accfeimed derm recording. 

Downbadtbe full EP 'In Today Already Waks Tomorrow" here: 
h»p ■■■www arch we org.'d&iaib 'LostChikirer<)59 

Copyrig ht: 

Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3.0 

foJP- real rVec o ni rro rg. o rg ' lice nse&by - nc - nd f 3 . 0/ 


Photography: l^^hinyrock 

[>sgned by SKeKssSG 

All permissions given by the bands & artists. 

TMittKfi TO «U or TV* Ml 

PJ. Jltojp TO tffVj . 
"Find Ottr W*y ffnmc * 

Of. I mf -ft. . ■« j .-. 
'Before Assumption" 

06. Spaces 
AtiAhyn: We Mitt" 

J7h? Nicfralv Family Gospel Hour 

ci Us fiijrs IJb Ofe/ia 
"Hunter** //cwf 1 

'The W^isr flays Of Mr l.ifn firf 1" 
in, Mimtsc 

np* Oi/r Ceasing Vo icv 

rjrtefhy Vtw Wilt Tt**vh McTo Let Go OfMy Fetrs" 

A Compilation bv SKEKGieBb*